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TS930SAT Kenwood, c/w SP930 speaker, manual and replacement plug in volume control board, service manual, overhauled by Walter VE4VB, 600.00
MC60 Kenwood desk mike, c/w tuning controls to tune Kenwood radios, 125.00
5BTV Hustler HF vertical, 25 ft tall, can work with or without radials, ground mounted for easy removal, 80 meter top unit, 450.00
RAC Amateur Study Guide, 20.00
VE4PN – Dave – – 24/03/03**

TM741A Kenwood 2 meter/440MHz mobile, c/w DX10D Diawa duplexer, mike, manual, box, power cord, 350.00
0-777 Tono teletype terminal, c/w manual, 50.00 condition unknown
K2 Elecraft HF transceiver, 10-160 MHz, c/w DC power cables, i/o cable, manuals, 450.00
KAT100 Elecraft automatic antenna tuner, c/w manual, 175.00
PRO-SET K2 Heil headset, c/w adaptor c/w box, instruction sheet, 100.00
HM10 Heil hand mike, c/w cable, carrying case, 90.00
FT530 Yaesu dual band handheld,  2 x NiCad battery pack dead, 1 FBA AA battery pack, NC28 desk charger, wall wart charger, manual, MH1B hand mike, quick reference chart, 200.00
HS10B Icom PTT switch box, c/w box, 30.00
CW-7 Ramsey keyer, c/w box, instruction sheet, 20.00
Metal Morse Code key, 20.00
TS711A Kenwood 2 meter all mode base station, no box, no manual, no audio thru speaker, works well with headphones, 350.00
MFJ564, deluxe chrome iambic paddles, in box, c/w instruction sheet, 60.00
SW8 Drake general coverage receiver, 100 Khz-30 MHz, c/w wall wart, no box, no manual, 450.00
HTX10 Radio Shack 10 meter transceiver, , c/w box, hand mike, power cable, instruction sheet, appears brand new, 125.00
Diawa magnet mount base, 50.00
TenTec hand mike, 4 pin connector, 10.00
All items working well, unless noted
Prices negotiable, shipping extra.
Christine - – 24/02/25*

AT-6666 Anytone 10/11 meter AM/FM/SSB  transceiver, c/w box and manual, excellent condition, 220.00
VE4XE – Dennis – – 24/02/18*

IC706Mk IIg Icom HF transceiver, c/w HM103 mike, manual, separation cable, mounting bracket, original box, HS706 Heil Sound headset, 600.00
VE4KQ – Bruce – – 24/02/22*

TM271A Kenwood 2 meter mobile, mint, c/w mike, no bracket, never used, 125.00
TM241A Kenwood 2 meter mobile, c/w mike, no manual, 100.00
No boxes, prices negotiable, shipping extra
VE4KQ – Bruce – 24/02/11*

RS20A Astron 20 amp power supply, 150.00
Iwatsu 50 MHz oscilloscope, 150.00
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/02/11**

RSPdx SDRplaydx receiver 150.00 FIRM
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 24/02/18*

Thrust bearing to complement HAM II rotor, must have 2 inch  opening
VE4GA – Jeff – – 24/02/18*

MH27 Yaesu hand mike, must be in good working order, and c/w 8 pin round connector
VE4MBQ – Jeff – – 24/02/25*

MC-43 Kenwood hand mike,
VE4ART – Art – – 24/02/25*

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