Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on January 30th, 2023.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday


FT897D Yaesu HF/VHF/UHF portable transceiver, c/w FC-30 tuner, FP30 power supply, 2 batteries, charger for battery CD24 and PA26, MMB80 mobile mounting  bracket, FTL LDG meter, original box, 1150.00 OBO
FT70DR Yaesu C4FM handheld, complete in box, c/w extra battery, desk charger, carrying case, 200.00 OBO
All items from smoke free home, are in good working order, shipping extra
VE5LTD - Bob – – (text 306-526-8009) – 23/01/08**

MH31 hand mike, owner’s manual, separation kit 7 ft, DC power cord, extra MH59 mike with keys, 800.00, shipping extra
VE3KRV – Vlad – – 807-577-1551 – 23/01/08*

AH4 Icom automatic antenna tuner, 350.00
FTDX3000 Yaesu HF/6M transceiver, as new, c/w box, 1800.00
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 23/02/05*

TH-G71A Kenwood dual band handheld, PTT switch on side of handheld not working. Radio works fine with external mike, c/w SMC-33 speaker/mike, original box, manual, 12 V charger, 12 V cigarette lighter adaptor, 2 NiCad batteries, 1 NiMH battery, 1 AA battery pack, BC19 rapid charger with stand, SMA-24 Comet dual band high gain antenna, 80.00
VE4ABA – Barrett – – 204-391-4191 (call or text) – 23/01/29*

TM-G71 Kenwood dual band handheld, c/w desk charger, wall charger, AA battery case, PB39 NiCad battery 1100 MAh (condition unknown), aftermarket 1300 MAh NiMH battery (condition unknown), 200.00 or swap for remote mount dual band mobile
VE4TM – Rod – – 204-801-4225 – 23/01/29*

SW-2100 Kenwood SWR/PWR meter, c/w manual, rated 200 watts to 2 KW, 70.00 OBO
VE4RI – Rand – – 204-330-7360 – 23/01/22**

V302B Hitachi 30 MHz 2 channel oscilloscope, c/w original box, 3 probes, service manual, owners manual, 125.00
VE4DV – Bob – – 23/01/15*

Operator’s manual only for TM251A/E/TM451A/E Kenwood mobile, free
VE4KEF – Ken – 204-774-8515 – 23/01/22*

IC745 Icom instruction manual
TS440S Kenwood service manual
FT101E Yaesu instruction manual
CD45-II rotator manual
HAM II owner’s manual
1977 Radio Amateur Handbook
Radio Handbook 10th edition
1963 Radio Amateur Handbook
1981 Radio Amateur Handbook
Radio Handbook 7th edition
All items are free.
VE4VU – Arnie – – 204-996-4538 – 23/01/29*

AM broadcast band high pass filter
3 sections Gold Nugget tower
VE4SET – Chris – – 23/01/22**

MC43S or MC47 Kenwood hand mike
MH31 Yaesu hand mike
VE4ART – Art – – 23/01/29**

Tilt bale for under HF radio
VE4AMN – Greg – – 23/01/29**

450 ohm ladderline, any length you have, does not have to be one continuous length
VE4IM – John - – 23/01/08*

FL45 Icom 500 Hz CW filter

6 feet 300 ohm twin lead to make a roll up slim jim antenna,  or complete roll up slim jim antenna
VA4SMC – Scott - – 23/01/22*

Popup mast, preferably 30 ft
VE4TM – Rod – – l204-801-4225 – 23/01/29*
Triple S Club

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