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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

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MFJ949DVersatuner II, (black), scuffed, 150.00
Icom 2 meter commercial 4 channel mobile, programmed with VE4WPG, VE4SLK, WX channel, 100.00
TH28A Kenwood dual band handheld, c/w hand mike and manual, no charger, 200.00
MD1 Yaesu desk mike, 100.00
Micronta SWR/PWR meter, 10.00
owner’s manual only for ICT90 Icom handheld, 10.00
All above tested and working, unless noted
Shipping extra, prices negotiable
VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 21/06/13**

VX500 Vertex commercial handheld, c/w desktop charger, speaker mike with volume control, rubber duck, programmed by Walter VE4VB, 125.00
LR10 NPC power supply, (Astron clone) 75.00
VE4PN – Dave – – 204-482-7461 – 21/05/30**

S40A Hallicrafters short wave receiver, 100.00
HQ129X Hammarlund short wave receiver, 150.00
FT208R Yaesu 2 meter handheld, requires battery rebuild, 25.00
VE4AY – Don – – 21/06/10**

KWM2A Collins HF transceiver (winged version), c/w factory manual, AC power supply, 312B-5 station console, external VFO/power meter/ phone patch/speaker/interface cable, photocopied manual for 312B5, large binder of collected data on transceiver and power supply, second owner, sell as package only, will not separate 2500.00
465 Tektronix 100 meg oscilloscope, c/w 1 probe, pouch and display cover, one owner, well maintained, display is bright and in good working order, no service manual, 425.00
H10-30 David Clark aircraft headset, c/w dynamic mike, boom headset, tested, nice condition, 285.00
2 only FRA-7700 Yaesu active antenna systems, factory new in box, c/w telescoping whip, power cable, 65.00 ea
S101 Helper Instrument “Sinader” signal to noise receiver measurement tool, 75.00
1000A Dilectric 50 ohm power meter, similar to Bird 43, c/w PL259 female connectors, clean and tested, no elements, 150.00
LR-16A NPC 12 VDC regulated power supply, up to 20 amps intermittent, working order, 80.00
MFJ16010 random wire antenna tuner, (1.8-30 MHz) 200 watts rated, c/w original box and manual, 75.00
Shipping extra, will consider reasonable offers
VE4AK – Art – 204-888-0094 – 21/05/23*

PS9KX Pyramid 5 amp power supply, 40.00
HR146 Maxon 2 meter handheld, c/w alkaline battery pack, 120 volt AC/DC power adaptor, manual, mike, earphone, cigarette lighter adaptor 75.00
HTX202 Realistic 2 meter handheld, c/w alkaline battery pack, AC/DC power adaptor, mike, earphone, cigarette lighter adaptor, box, holster, 55.00
HTX404 Realistic UHF handheld, Comet BNC 24 dual band whip, 45.00
12 volt emergency portable booster power pack, 850 amp hour c/w AC charger, 75.00
rechargeable fused power pack, c/w cigarette lighter outlet, AC/DC adaptor, and cigarette/cigarette charger cord, can be worn on your belt, 40.00
Hi Viz red radio chest harness (bandolier type from Nifty) 25.00
ARES traffic vest, 15.00
RAC Operating Manual, 1 st edition, 10.00
D550PK Weller 200/260 watt soldering gun, 55.00
W100P Weller soldering iron, great for soldering PL259’s onto RG8U coax, 50.00
Ideal brand coax stripper tool, 20.00
Panavise, 60.00
desoldering tool, 10.00
static mat and wrist strap, approx. 2-3 feet, 40.00
NMO mounting kit, c/w feedline, 8.00
1 only RG8U feedline c/w PL259’s and coupler, approx. 12 ft, 15.00
3 only SO238 UHF female/female adaptors, 10.00 lot price
3 only assorted heat shrink tubing kits, plus additional lengths, diameters, colours, 25.00 lot price
1 bag misc. stuff, contains 1 paperclip antenna, 1 suction cup antenna, 4 copper braid grounding straps, 1 headphone earbuds, c/w mike and volume control, 10.00
1 bag containing 2 extension speakers on swivel brackets c/w plug in leads, (used for handhelds), 10.00
Power Werx tri crimp tool and assorted fittings for Anderson Power Poles 35.00
local sales only, will consider reasonable offers
VE4ESX – Richard – – 204-237-1487(H) – 204-990-4544(C) - 21/05/30*

FT817 Yaesu QRP transceiver, c/w mike, manual, original box and accessories, 650.00
RIGBlaster Plus computer interface 85.00
MFJ1704 coax switch 60.00
666R Triplett vintage VOM, c/w original case and test leads, 100.00
YA-1 Bencher low pass filter, 45.00
Xpower Xantrex 1000 watt inverter, 225.00
PG-5A Kenwood data cable, 20.00
HD1422A Heathkit antenna noise bridge, 25.00
MX72N Diamond antenna duplexer, 55.00
W2AU dipole 1:1 antenna balun, 40.00
B11A Radiowavz 1:1 antenna balun
Local pickup, or reply with postal code for shipping quote
VE5TLW – Terry – - 306-586-1810(T) – 306-537-3221 (Cell) – 21/06/06*

IC9100 Icom HF/VHF/UHF/D-Star transceiver, c/w hand mike, software, original manual, working spiral bound manual,  boxes, 1850.00
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 477-8488 - 21/06/13**

IC765 Icom c/w 250 Hz CW filter, box, manual, excellent condition, 1200.00
DXCC Alpha Delta multiband dipole antenna, 80-10 meters, in original package, never opened, 150.00
shipping extra
VE4TY – Tony – – 204-638-5224 – 21/06/06**

TS940S Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w built in antenna tuner, SM220 Kenwood station monitor, SP940 Kenwood speaker, MC60 Kenwood desk mike, original manual, Best offer, Shipping extra
VE4UB – Bill – – 21/05/30**

FT101E Yaesu, c/w manual in plastic, excellent condition, 400.00
price negotiable, shipping extra, pictures available upon request
Kyle - – 21/06/20**

SB200 Heathkit HF amplifier, c/w soft hard start, wired for 120V, but can easily be rewired for 220V with included rectifier for 220V, tested by Yori VE4ACX and working, 600.00,
shipping extra,
VE4AAE – Ancel – – 21/06/13*

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X7 Cushcraft Big Thunder 7 element triband beam, only 2 years old, partially disassembled, pictures on request, 680.00 OBO
VE4SBS – Sunday – – 204-990-5267 – 21/06/20**

BC560XLT Bearcat scanner, no manual, 35.00
UM415 Uniden marine radio, new in box, 200.00
VE4XR – George – – 21/06/13*

RSP DUO dual band tuner SDR receiver
AT200 LDG tuner, prefer PRO version, or AT100 LDG tuner, or AT600 LDG tuner
information on Hallicrafters transceivers, such as SR150, or similar vintage, local only
4 or 6 position coax switch, such as MFJ1701 or Alpha Delta
VE4ACE- Gerry – – 21/06/06**

13B2 Boomer Cushcraft 2 meter antennas
VE4XI – Joe – – 204-792-0652 – 21/05/30**

curly cord only for MC50 Kenwood desk mike, must be in good working order
VE4ESE – Don – – 204-381-4175 – 21/06/20**

front panel with wrinkle paint for HRO National receiver
coil sets for HRO Sr. National receiver
parts HRO National with wrinkle paint
VE4EE – Roy – – 204-266-0411 – 21/06/06*
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