Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

This page was last received on November 30th, 2020.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

Honda 2000i inverter generator, approx. run time 20-40 hours maximum, manual and tools, 750.00
UV5-R Baofeng dual band handheld, c/w drop in charger, 25.00
KG-UV5R Wouxun dual band handheld, c/w drop in charger and HEO-002 headset, 60.00
Nifty mini manual for IC7100 Icom transceiver, 5.00
Prices negotiable, shipping extra
VE4VID – Tedd – – 204-782-7711 – 20/11/15

Icom VHF mobile transceiver, programmed with VE4WPG, VE4SLK, 146.520, weather channel, works well, 50.00
Lab Volt meter, 5-0-15 volt scale, 1-0-3 volt scale, excellent for 12 volt desk supply for 2 meter or similar base station, 25.00
HM12 Icom mike, c/w up/down buttons, 25.00
HM-152 Icom commercial quality TouchTone mike, 40.00
TPL2 handheld amplifier 1 watt in 25 watts out, c/w battery clips and feed line 75.00 OBO
all from non smoking environment, pictures available on request. Items untested, unless noted
VE4PN – Dave – – 20/11/29


IC7600 Icom, c/w hand mike, boxes, 2 manuals, new condition, 2550.00
IC7300 Icom, c/w hand mike, boxes, 2 manuals, accessories, new as of July 20, 2020, 1450.00
Will accept offers on each radio
radios can be tested on site, by appointment only, wearing PPE
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 204-477-8488 – 20/11/22*


IC-V80 Icom 2 meter handheld, c/w BC-192 desktop charger, 2 only BP264 NiMH batteries, BP263 spare AA battery case, 2 only general audio headsets, set of earbuds, audio cable/splitter, manual, 125.00
VE4DRK – Dan – – 204-297-6755 – 20/11/22**

2 only VX-7R Yaesu quad band handhelds, c/w accessories as follows:
1 only VX-7R black, S/N 4J400845. c/w FNB-80Li DC 7.4V 1400MAh lithium battery
1 only VX-7R silver S/N 3C140323, c/w FNB-80Li DC 7.4V 1400 MAh lithium battery
1 only spare FNB80Li 7.4V 1400 MAh battery
1 only  spare FNB80Li 7.4 V 1300 MAh battery
NC-72B battery charger (possibly 2)
CD-15 lithium drop in charger,
E-DC-6 external DC cable (unopened)
CT-91 speaker mike adaptor (unopened)
E-DC-5B 12V DC cigarette lighter power adaptor
MH57 speaker/mike Megavolt USB programming cable for VX-7R
VC-27 VOX earpiece/mike (2? unopened)
radios c/w belt clips (unopened) and hand straps,
original boxes and manuals for both radios, both radios MARS modified, 599.00 OBO
shipping and insurance extra
VE1TG – Doug – – 204-298-0090 20/12/06**

UV5X3 Beofang triband handheld, c/w 3 batteries, charger, hand mike, throat mike, USB programming cable for CHIRP, (radio is programmed), Nagoya 2 meter antenna, stock antennas for 2 meters and 440 MHz, all manuals and advice included, comes from smoky pet owned household, reasonable offers,
VE4DVT – Dave – – 20/11/15*

R8 Cushcraft HF multiband vertical. covers 6-40 meters, 6 months old, 675.00
15-889 Archer base mount for masts up to 1.5 inches, new in box, 25.00
Heavy duty 5” triple magnet mount, with stud for Hamstick antennas, 15 feet RG58 cable, attached PL259, 30.00
MFJ204B antenna bridge, 50.00
HM15 Heathkit reflected power meter, 25.00
VE4AAZ – Bill – – 204-233-2233 – 20/11/22*

Motorola repeater cabinet 44”x22”x10” c/w locking front and back doors, 100.00
RS35A Astron 35 amp power supply, c/w thermally controlled cooling fan, 190.00
VE4ART – Art – – 20/11/29

BY1 Bencher black CW paddles, excellent condition, 150.00
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 20/11/08

ARX2B Cushcraft Ringo Ranger 2 meter vertical antenna, 75.00
VE4AHW – Frank – – 204-256-7878 – 20/11/08


Swan radios
VE4YH – Gary – – 20/11/08

2 meter/440MHz mobile antenna
VE4ART – Art – – 20/11/08

R1000 Kenwood receiver, prefer clean and working
M7000 Universal communications terminal or
M6000 Universal communications terminal or
HAL telereader
VE4ACE – Gerry – – 20/11/22**

80-90 feet heavy duty rotor cable suitable for HAM IV
VE4AAZ -Bill – – 20/11/29**

set of test leads for Simpson 260 analog multimeter
VE4AQU – Rick – – 20/11/08

TS480SAT Kenwood HF transceiver, in good shape, preferably c/w speech option,
VE7QZ – Doug – – 778-517-5448 – 20/11/22*

back issues of QST magazine
VE4AK – Art – – 20/11/29*
Triple S Club
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