Manitoba Repeater Society 2 Meter Swap and Shop Listings

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for four weeks, and can be re-listed for a further four weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday

EV619 Electrovoice desk mike, 100.00
D104 Astatic lollypop desk mike, 150.00
EV638 Electrovoice desk mike, 150.00
VX500 Vertex handheld, c/w charger stand, speaker/mike, programmed by Walter VE4VB, excellent condition, 150.00
RETC-15 2 meter handheld, c/w charger stand and earpiece, 50.00
HJ8017 Jana SWR meter, 25.00
LR10 NPC Jana clone 10 amp 12 volt power supply. 75.00
vintage Vibroplex 1944 version semiautomatic key (bug), 150.00
rare all brass bug, antique, 150.00
local sales, Winnipeg and Selkirk only
VE4PN – Dave – – 204-482-7461 – 21/09/19**

TA33sr Moseley 3 element triband beam, HAM IV rotor c/w control box and cables, 6 sections DME Delhi guyed tower (48 ft), buyer to take down, 550.00
spare CDE rotator control box, 30.00
FT1000MP Mark V Field Yaesu HF transceiver, c/w DVS-2 digital memory recording, hand mike, all INRAD roofing filters installed, original double box, documentation, in excellent condition, 1100.00
SP30 Kenwood triple filtered external speaker, very good condition, 80.00
W2IHY 8 band audio equalizer c/w noise gate, and EQplus in excellent working condition, 500.00 for both
2 only DJ-S41 Alinco UHF handhelds, c/w charger, 60.00
All above c/w manuals and documentation. Pictures available on request. All above are shipping extra, unless noted.
VE4MAR – Mar – – 204-998-1879 – 21/08/22*

IC7000 Icom HF/VHF/UHF all mode transceiver, c/w ICM Heil mike, desk stand, owner’s manual,no box, tested1000.00
UCSL-3S Jennings vacuum variable capacitor 7-1000 pf, well packaged in original foam, 200.00
IC2820H Icom dual band mobile, c/w box, manual, mike, mobile mounting bracket, MB17A bracket, 350.00
ICM Heil mike for Icom radios, SB2 Heil mike boom arm, FS2 Heil foot switch, 125.00
KES3 Kenwood speaker, 25.00
PCS5000 Azden 2 meter mobile, for parts only, 25.00
Sanwa 360 analog VOM, 10.00
DMX44MD Delhi 44 ft self supporting tower, requires new stubs, ***+/- 3 inches cut off bottom of bottom section, requires drilling of new holes for stubs***, 200.00
HAM IV rotator, c/w control box, no cable, good working order, 225.00
CS201 Diawa 2 position coax switch, 45.00
MFJ1702B 2 position coax switch, 35.00
MFJ1702C 2 position coax switch 35.00
HD1234 Heathkit 4 position coax switch 40.00
116BU Powerstat variac, 100.00
following Radio Amateur Handbooks, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 10.00 ea. or 3/20.00
HN31 Heathkit Cantenna dummy load 30.00
miscellaneous jumpers RG8 RG213, various lengths, 1.00-5.00/length
7 only Dale 1% resistors on heat sink, 10.00 pkg
510 B&K transistor checker, c/w probes, 5.00
AN-URM-25D antique RF signal generator, offers
prices negotiable, shipping extra
VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143 – 21/09/05*

UV5R Baufeng 2 meter/70 cm FM handheld, c/w drop in charger, no box, no manual, 30.00 OBO
KG-UVD1P Wouxun 2 meter/70 cm FM handheld, c/w drop in charger, manual, earphone/mike, no box, 65.00 OBO
approx.. 75 ft RG8X, c/w factory PL259’s, 60.00 OBO
VE4YYL – Rosi – – 204-832-3553 – 21/09/19*

IC706 Mk IIg Icom HF/VHF transceiver, c/w HM103 mobile mike, original box and manual, 700.00
IC7410 Icom HF/6 meter all mode transceiver, c/w SM20 Icom desk mike, c/w original box and manual, 1400.00
Chameleon antenna fixed/portable, c/w complete instructions, 175.00
VSLNA 15 1000-2WL-8WS/PI Platinum amplifier, 75,00
Heil Proset Elice IC ELEM, (Part number PSEIC), c/w foot switch, 175.00
Delta4 Alpha-Delta coax switch/surge protector, 175.00
Palomar R-X noise bridge, 20.00
Wilson RCAF Air Cadet morse code training key, c/w original box, 100.00
FT7900 Yaesu dual band mobile, (receives but does not transmit on 2 meters), (transmits and receives on 70cm) c/w handheld mike, 100.00
IC2300H 2 meter mobile, c/w hand mike, original manual, 150.00
TM281 Kenwood 2 meter mobile, c/w hand mike, original box and manual, 100.00
UV5R Baofeng 2 meter/70cm handheld, Baofeng UV5RB, boxes, manuals, bunch of accessories, 150.00/pkg
JTPS30M Jetstream 25 amp switching power supply, c/w original box and manual, 100.00
DM330MV Alinco variable switching power supply, 125.00
LDG100IT tuner c/w original box, 150.00
SWR200B Oskerblok SWR/PWR meter 75.00
HK1 Ham-key iambic paddles, 75.00
Radio Shack field strength/SWR meter, 30.00
VE5HWH – Hugh – – 306-527-5775 – 21/09/19*

TS940S Kenwood HF transceiver, c/w built in antenna tuner, SM220 Kenwood station monitor, SP940 Kenwood speaker, MC60 Kenwood desk mike, original manual, Best offer, Shipping extra
VE4UB - Bill - - 21/09/19*

DJ-MD5TGP Alinco DMR handheld, c/w box and manual, barely used, works perfectly, 150.00
VA4KAW – – 204-557-4420 – 21/09/05**

TA33 Moseley 3 element HF beam 10-15-20 meters, excellent condition, complete, 500.00 OBO
Rohn 40 ft medium duty tower, no legs, surface rust cosmetic only, 200.00 OBO
VE4ABT – Bruce – – 204-663-5155 – 21/09/12**

PR781 Heil mike, excellent condition, 160.00
VE4AAE – Ancel – – 204-232-6994 (text) – 21/09/05*

manual only for SG1 Measurement Electronics signal generator circa 1945
VE4DTD – David – – 21/09/05**

non functional TM261 Kenwood 2 meter mobile
VE4VZ – – 21/09/05*
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