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N 50° 08' 59" - W 96° 53' 19" - 754' ASL - EO10ND

It's outside at 19:29 on 23/11/17

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Warmest Day 2017
Heat Index Temp

31/7/17 12/9/17
Chill Temp
-45 -33
13/1/16 13/1/16
Conditions at
19:29CT on 23/11/17

Temp:           0°C
24hrs Ago:  -7

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Outside Temp Last 7 Days

Barometer, Last 24 Hours

Wind Speed / Direction, last 6 hours.

Temp over the last 7 days.

Precipitation over the last 7 days.

Dew Point -0°C
Humidity 99.0%
Current Wind SSW @ 13kph

Hourly 0.0
24 Hour 0.0
Total Liquid 0.0 mm
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 0°C at 19:27
Low Wind Chill
-13°C at 0:20
Low Temperature
-9°C at 0:00
Hi Heat Index 4°C at 19:27
Peak Wind Gust 29kph at 18:29
Astronomical Data
vws933.jpg (3236 bytes)
Sunrise 7:52
Sunset 16:32
Moonrise 11:53
Moonset 21:01

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